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SANCTUARY OF SAINT FRANCISCO: famous saint of the 1400, founding one of the order of the Minimums, author of many squanderers and santificato from Pope Leone X. the sanctuary of Saint Francisco, developed around to the place where the saint founded in 1435 one nail head dedicated to saint Francisco d' Assisi. : inside to two is navate of various length. In that greater one they are visible arches to it and the pointed times of the construction originate river and beautiful ones I fresco representing the Taumaturgo. In bottom, the nail head of the saint is opened, in rinascimentali shapes, dated 1595, than conserve still its reliquie. Right of the pronao it is approached the chiostro quattrocentesco with times to cruise, and from this it is passed to the convent of the Minimums, rich of numerous works of art, burlaps of Six-1700's and supplied of one library with precious manuscripts, rare parchments and books. From the pronao it is passed to the zone of the squanderers, on the right of the basilica, a route in the places of the miracles completed from saint Francisco: the Furnace of the miracle, where the friar made to rise from flames just the lamb Martino, the Cucchiarella, a source where the water maintains always the same level, the Bridge of the devil, beyond which there is the Cove of the saint, and the Hard sandstone I hang it in the balance, blocked from saint Francisco while it was falling.

HISTORICAL CENTER: The historical center it is approached through the Door of Saint Francisco, than up it brings the busto of the saint. Reaching in public square of the People the church of the Madonna di Montevergine with its beautiful baroque facade admires. Little more up, the church of the Given pain one, that it wants built up on the place where previously rose the house born them of saint Francisco. Of a sure interest also the church of Sant'Agostino, with a pointed portale in stone of the end of the 1400's, and the Announced church of the Saintest one, up the rests of the Aragonese Castle are still visible that dominates the citizen.

OUTSKIRTSES: little kilometers to north of Paola, some meters under the street level, the small church is found of Buries, front to X the century and discovery in the past century. In the apse, some fresco bizantini representing the Vergine and the twelve apostles thought between more antichi pittorici examples of the Calabria. Little kilometers to south are found, instead, the “Abbey”, an ancient and beautifulst Abbey entire restored and center of a scientific Museum.










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